Icewine Cuisine  

Before Dining

Icewine as an Aperitif
The intense fragrance and flavour of Icewine awakens the senses while the high level of acidity refreshes the palate and stimulates the appetite.

Classic Examples
  • On its own. Chilled, 2 oz per person
  • Peller Icewine Royale
    4 oz sparkling wine and 1 oz Peller Icewine
  • Peller Icewine Martini
    Equal part Icewine and Vodka, chilled and garnished with frozen grapes

Icewine and Salty hors d'oeuvres
The fruit flavours of the Icewine are enhanced by the salt, and the sweetness of the Icewine softens the salty notes of the food.

Classic Examples
  • Toasted salty nuts
  • Anchovy crackers
  • Antipasto plate
  • Black olive tapenade